Olga Sokal 

Olga Sokal is a Los Angeles based artist, originally from Poland. For the past 5 years, she has dedicated her photography practice to working with different communities in Chernobyl, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Los Angeles. Her interest lies and focuses on the marginalisation of communities within society. Through her work she investigates the consequences of communities becoming detached and isolated from the rest of the country, and how this affects the culture.

Benefiting from an outsider’s perspective, she tries to capture the spirit, and atmosphere of these places, seeing them as being reborn rather than dying. Places where, like anywhere else, people fall in love, struggle, work, learn, and die. By focusing on communities, their history and stories,

Olga instills an authenticity within her work which she beliefs is done through capturing the spirit of each individual, their qualities, and uniqueness. To truly capture this Olga believes it is pivotal for an artist to immerse themselves within their subject, exemplified by her most recent work which focuses on Roma Communities in East Slovakia. This summer she was fortunate to be invited into to live, and work in four different Roma ghettos:  Rankovce, Lunik IX ( Kosice), Velka Ida, and Stara Lubovna. Through her photographs, Olga not only seeks to capture personalities, she also wants to help bring attention to these communities, and the struggles they face daily.


photo credit - Christina Niazian